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DoubleUP Performance Kit

Color: Blue

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The Performance Kit provides ultimate versatility by including all of our roller styles (5 total rollers) plus a premium case.  The variety of roller textures and firmness options can instantly adapt to almost any need.  You may be sore in one area and have a stubborn knot to work out in another area.  Swap the roller pairings in an instant with the patented quick-change system.

DoubleUP gives you the benefits of foam rolling without the hassle.  Precisely control your rolling pressure, instantly customize your roller pairing, and perform self-massage from a comfortable standing or sitting position.

Performance Kit Contents

  • 1 DoubleUP Lever-Action Frame
  • 2 Medium-Density Smooth Rollers
  • 1 Soft-Density Smooth Roller
  • 1 Firm-Density Ribbed Roller
  • 1 Firm-Density Bumpy Roller
  • 1 Premium Padded Case
  • 1 User Manual and Quick-Start Guide
  • Optional Accessories Available
White DoubleUP Roller with Ribbed Roller on Thigh

What Makes DoubleUP Unique?

From the patented lever-action metal frame to the patented quick-change roller system: Learn more about the key features and benefits of DoubleUP Roller.

Demonstration Videos

Our Video Library has helpful tips for getting the most out of DoubleUP. Recommended Quick-Change roller pairings, flipping the frame to switch sides, and techniques for targeting most body areas.

Joe Mahon DPT SCS

Joe Mahon, DPT, SCS

Dr. Mahon is a board-certified specialist in Sports Physical Therapy.

"DoubleUP is helpful for warming up and stretching muscles, which lets you exercise more efficiently and reduces risk of injury."

"It is especially useful for my patients that find traditional foam rolling too awkward or difficult."

"The design is intuitive, and it even enables you to roll hard-to-reach areas. Plus, you control the rolling pressure, and you don't have to get down on the ground."

Customer Reviews

Based on 268 reviews
Not as awesome as I'd hoped

I was excited about the 3x force and some of the angles that are hard to get with a tiger tail. It definitely provides some of that, but not enough to justify the expense. Get a tiger tail for $30 or one of the knockoffs for $15-$20 and you can do just about everything this can.

Hi Alex, sorry it didn't work out for you. Those stick rollers can be awkward for people because you have to bend over so far and twist your body sideways to reach all areas of your lower body. They don't provide any leverage, and you can't really do arms with them either. But I understand they are very portable and affordable. Just send me an email if you decide to return your DoubleUP, and I'll help you out.


This product is amazing. I ran 35 marathons last year and will run at least 30 this year. Already can tell a huge difference.

Jennifer S.
Best purchase!!!

This is the best roller system ever! I’m a distance runner and this helps out so much!!!! Thank you for such a great roller!!!


This thing is a life saver. I have showed it to others and they were amazed by it. I have hip and knee pain thank to the military and it has helped me to keep moving

James R.
Time Saver

When at the gym I will use their roller. When I am at a run there is no place to use a roller safely. Now I can roll safely and not worry about getting hit by a car or uneven surfaces. I keep the roller in the living room and roll at night. 100% Love it.

JoLynn S.

Very effective!!

Ron C.

Been working on my recalcitrant IT Band for years. PT, foam rollers, massage guns - you name it. I read that my clicking, weak knee is likely caused by my IT band and it was causing me a lot of pain.
This roller has FIXED me! Felt immediate results and am nearly pain free after a week of use with no change of my activities. (and it feels amazing on my ankles)
It's a tad bulky but very easy to use. The rollers change simply. Highly recommended.

Kelly A.
Double up roller

orthopedic surgeon advice that it wasn't a good idea to use it! Sorry

Kelly clarified to me that her orthopedist prescribed DoubleUP to rehab from her knee surgery, but now she also needs back surgery and she received different advice for that rehab. Product was returned still sealed in the original unopened box.

Gary M.
A real surprise !

Sometimes you’re not sure something will really work. This product is a total home run - - it works great ! You can apply and control almost any amount pressure and at many different angles. Really gets muscles released and relaxed. Any pain can be attacked as you control the leveraged pressure ! Quality built also.

Constnce E.

I have had MUCH less lower back pain, if any really, since purchasing the Double UP roller. What a quality product. Thank you!!