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Customer Reviews

Based on 184 reviews
Amazing tool for the everyday athlete

The DoubleUp Roller is a game-changer in the world of self-myofascial release and muscle recovery. With its innovative dual-wheel design, versatile functionality, and durable construction, it offers a superior rolling experience that effectively targets muscle tension and promotes faster recovery. Whether you're an athlete looking to enhance performance, a fitness enthusiast seeking relief from muscle soreness, or simply someone wanting to improve overall mobility, the DoubleUp Roller is a must-have tool. Invest in this product and unlock the benefits of deep, targeted, and efficient muscle recovery.

Great product !

I can feel it helping with my IT band injury and it’s so much easier than getting down on the ground with a foam roller ! Very happy with your roller !!

Can’t believe it took this long

Someone finally made it happen. A single device with no awkward poses for muscle relief. Simple, inexpensive, and works without “tweaking” for different muscle groups.

Everything I expected!

The construction is top notch, the rollers are easy to swap and the carrying case is of high quality. I use this every day to work out aches in places that are hard to reach, and with heavier pressure, than I can get with a foam roller. Highly recommend it!

Exceptional and a MUST HAVE for all athletes

When this popped up in my Insta feed, it IMMEDIATELY sparked my curiosity, because of its ability to roll SO MANY tough to get to places with ease. Well… It does that and SO MUCH MORE. I love this thing. I use it every day and would recommend it to anyone :)

Love it!

I have been working through hip, SI joint, and thigh issues. This works so much better than a tennis ball or general foam roller. I am the most pain free after using it than I have been in months.


Best way to smash the appendage’s

DoubleUp ROCKS!

Absolutely great product. I can roll out where I've never been able to roll before. I can get places that I couldn't get with a standard foam roller. Great job! Highly recommend.

works well

I really like this product

Love it.

Delivers what it promises. Great pressure in difficult locations such as IT band, hammies, quads


Man this is so easy to get relief where I need it. My IT bands have been really troublesome. But this really gets to the bound up slots so easily and effectively! Love it

Beautifully designed

Quality construction, beautifully designed.

Product review

Great product, really helps with muscle soreness


This is an exceptionally effective and quality product. My case is probably a bit more extreme than most, several years ago in 1997 I was in a bad accident that broke both my legs. To make a long story short…I have had hardened muscles on my legs and calves for literally decades. I tried using the foam rollers on the floor and it's just too difficult trying to use it and apply the pressure needed. With this I am able to have more precision and control applying pressure on the muscles and be much much more effective. For me… this product has been a God Send…..using it every day little by little…slowly but surely breaking things up. I believe it may be helping with a little more blood flow in my legs too! I got one word for this product…GRATITUDE.

A Great Solution

This is a great solution to the problem I was having with traditional rolling. DoubleUp cuts down on the pain and works on the muscles the way rolling is supposed to do. The variety of attachments is great for different pressure points and helps as I am working on getting back into shape and dealing with inflammation. I am very happy with this investment in my health.

Fantastic for Limited Mobility

I love my Double Up Roller! It's really great for those who have trouble getting up & down from the floor. I have back & leg pain so it has been challenging to do my foam rolling on the floor. It's solid state and built to last a lifetime. I'm interested in how to use the roller on my glutes.

Better Than Expected

I love using the DoubleUP. I didn't expect it to get into the deep knots and tightness as well as it does. I recommend to anyone who is looking for added relief.

I love it!

Who knew or even thought it would work but it does! Fast shipping and quality product. Purchase with confidence!


I've spent a lot on exercise equipment and foam rollers but all of them now seem like a waste compared to Reg DoubleUP roller. Hurts so good. Game changer indeed!!!

Leg Roller

Works fine on tired legs!

Better than rolling around on the floor

The more I use it the more I get int to it , mind body roller connection so to speak I guess , not disappointed and a another tool in my running arsenal

Excellent if you have arthritis!

It's perfect for my arthritic hands since I don't have to apply much force to use it but still get good pressure.

Exceeds expectations

Quality product. Well built. Highly recommend.


Easy to use, really hits and massages my sore IT band easily and effectively. Highly recommend.

DoubleUP Therapy Kit
Danielle F.
Great product!

I love this product. So much easier then getting on the floor and using a foam roller. Is really helping my IT bands and bursitis in my hip.