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Roll to massage and stretch while comfortably standing or sitting.  You have complete pressure control using DoubleUP's patented lever-arm design with dual customizable rollers.


There Must Be A Better Way

Ever experienced difficulty or frustration using traditional foam or stick rollers?  We designed DoubleUP to give you the benefits of rolling without all of the hassle.


Shoulder To Toe Coverage

Our dual roller design is faster and more effective, giving you a deeper roll in half the time.   Use DoubleUP on legs, feet, arms, shoulders, glutes, and more.

DoubleUP Roller Performance Bundle Contents
Athlete Using DoubleUP Roller on their Quads
DoubleUP Roller Frame Rear View
DoubleUP 3-pack of rollers LoosenUP, WarmUP, and BreakUP foam rollers
DoubleUP Roller Contents Loaded into Carrying Case
DoubleUP Roller Kit Contents with Shipping Box

DoubleUP Roller Performance Bundle

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DoubleUP was designed from the beginning to be comfortable and convenient to use.  Don't settle for the frustration and hassle from using traditional foam rollers or stick rollers for your muscle therapy. DoubleUP gives you the benefits of muscle rolling from a much more comfortable and convenient standing or sitting position. 

Use DoubleUP for warming up, improving flexibility, promoting blood flow, reducing pain and stiffness, shortening recovery time, and staying active.  DoubleUP's ease of use and pressure control capability benefits everyone from professional athletes to patients rehabbing from injuries and even first-time users. 

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Bundle Contents

The DoubleUP Roller Performance Bundle includes the following components (a $230 value):

  • 1 DoubleUP Lever-Action Frame
  • 1 WarmUP Soft-Density Smooth Roller
  • 2 TuneUP Medium-Density Smooth Rollers
  • 1 LoosenUP Firm-Density Ribbed Roller
  • 1 BreakUP Firm-Density Bumpy Roller
  • 1 Premium Padded Carrying Bag

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How-To Videos

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