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DoubleUP 3-Pack with WarmUP, LoosenUP and BreakUP Rollers

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This combo includes all three of our special roller styles: Soft, Ribbed, and Bumpy.  We offer this 3-pack for customers who want to expand their set of rollers, or to have a pair of each style. You can take advantage of the isometric design by using matching rollers on opposing muscle groups, which is more effective and efficient.  Roll sore and sensitive areas with two WarmUP Rollers; target tight spots with trigger point therapy or deep tissue massage using two LoosenUP Rollers; and provide myofascial release or deep tissue massage with two BreakUP Rollers.


  • 1 WarmUP Smooth Soft-Density Smooth Roller.
  • 1 LoosenUP Ribbed Firm-Density Roller.
  • 1 BreakUP Bumpy Firm-Density Roller.