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DoubleUP Recovery Kit

Color: Blue

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The Recovery Kit includes a pair of general purpose medium rollers that are ideal for warmups, cooldowns, and relieving stiff or sore muscles with uniform pressure.  Quickly massage large areas with the dual symmetric rollers. 

DoubleUP gives you the benefits of foam rolling without the hassle.  Precisely control your rolling pressure, instantly customize your roller pairing, and perform self-massage from a comfortable standing or sitting position.

Recovery Kit Contents

    White DoubleUP Roller with Ribbed Roller on Thigh

    What Makes DoubleUP Unique?

    From the patented lever-action metal frame to the patented quick-change roller system: Learn more about the key features and benefits of DoubleUP Roller.

    Demonstration Videos

    Our Video Library has helpful tips for getting the most out of DoubleUP. Recommended Quick-Change roller pairings, flipping the frame to switch sides, and techniques for targeting most body areas.

    Joe Mahon DPT SCS

    Joe Mahon, DPT, SCS

    Dr. Mahon is a board-certified specialist in Sports Physical Therapy.

    "DoubleUP is helpful for warming up and stretching muscles, which lets you exercise more efficiently and reduces risk of injury."

    "It is especially useful for my patients that find traditional foam rolling too awkward or difficult."

    "The design is intuitive, and it even enables you to roll hard-to-reach areas. Plus, you control the rolling pressure, and you don't have to get down on the ground."

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 207 reviews
    Zachary P.
    This is a must have!

    This has been so great for helping to stretch out after long days of sitting, before a workout, and after my runs. I’ve told all my friends and family how great this has been, and for such a simple design it works incredibly well! Shipping was fast an predictable. May buy another to keep one in my gym, and one portable for runs or at my office.

    Kevin G.
    Great product and customer service

    Excellent product for athletes to help with quick recovery and circulation. I use it everyday. Great customer service. Highly recommended.

    Dee S.
    Double-up Roller

    It will be a gift for my daughter who is a runner and won't be given until next month. It looks perfect for her use.

    Buy it

    I usually try to avoid buying things I see on instagram but this product is actually really good. This is the most sturdy tool I could find to roll out my tight IT band. I have several large knots in my IT band due to some previous injuries and I have been looking for a tool to work out the knots in my IT band. I have such huge knots in my IT band that my Chiropractor used two people work on my IT band - one with a tiger tail (they had to apply so much pressure I was flexing the tool) and the strongest employee using his elbow - neither of them could break up all the knots. This is a good tool I can use myself to relieve some of the tension. Excellent customer service too! Marcus went over and above to help me make sure the tool worked for my unique situation and was very helpful and very responsive. Great company and great product.

    Rick P.
    Where was this years ago?!

    I almost never rolled my legs out because I hated all the awkward positions on the floor& it was always hard to get that right spot…. Double up is definitely worth it if you’re constantly working out and need to break those knots!!!

    Christopher B.

    So much easier to use than regular foam rollers!!

    Jeanette V.
    Absolutely amazing product!

    Wow is all I can say! I used to hate foam rolling but now I love it! This product is a life saver. I love that I can foam roll my legs, glutes and hips standing up. It’s so convenient and feels great! Highly recommend it!

    Jon M.
    Game changer

    Great for comprehensive quad relief

    Jason F.

    I have been using a foam roller on the floor. Using the foam roller often puts you in an awkward position trying to roll your legs out. Since I brought the DoubleUP Roller, it’s a game changer and worth the investment. 5 stars hands down.

    Suzanne L.

    Simple, effective